Random Lake, Wisconsin

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Guidelines and Rules

To make sure that all of our guests enjoy the best possible stay that they can, we ask all our guests to adhere to the following guidelines and rules:

  1. There is no smoking in the house. This is for the safety and comfort of everyone. Smoking in the house will result in total loss of your security deposit and you agree to pay for cleaning services to remove smoke odor and any other related problems.
  2. Pets are not allowed. Many people are allergic and/or sensitive to pet hairs and odors.
  3. Camping is not allowed. The property is not licensed for camping, so we are not able to accommodate tents, occupied campers, popups, or RV's on the premises.
  4. No loud music or disruptive behavior. In consideration of your neighbors, please do not play music that can be heard from off the property. We care about our neighbors and our property enough that raucous parties are best held elsewhere.
  5. All guests on the property must be registered. Our licensing and insurance rules dictate that all persons on the property must be registered guests of 201 Lake Drive. Please see the Rental Agreement for guest registration information and fees. Non-registered persons on the property will be considered trespassing and will be asked to leave.
  6. No more than 20 persons can sleep overnight and no more than 20 people can occupy the premises at any time without our permission. Special occasions like weddings and receptions, family graduation parties, and the like are exceptions to the premises occupancy rule, so please contact us with your plans and we'll let you know if it would be a good fit. We will not rent for underage parties such as prom parties.
  7. You will be responsible for the actions of your guests as it pertains to the rules established.
  8. Cancellation of reservations less than 30 days before arrival will result in forfeiture of down payment. No refund if less than 7 days. Refunds would be issued if the house is re-rented for the same time period by another party. Cancellations on credit card reservations will be reduced by the transaction service fee as determined by the credit card processor.

These guidelines and rules are part of your rental agreement. Failure to follow these rules will result in you being asked to leave and you agree to forfeit your security deposit.

Rental Agreement

Download/View the Rental Agreement (PDF)

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